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The New-England Primer: A History of Its Origin and Development

By: N/A

Price: $14.85

Publisher: Reprint Services Corp:

Seller ID: 16545

ISBN: 0781228816

Condition: Good

0781228816 1962 Classics in Education No. 13 hardcover from Columbia; dustjacket has only slight edge wear; bookplate inside cover; slight spotting from moisture inside cover View more info

Miami: Insight Guides

By: N/A

Price: $8.80

Publisher: Apa Productions:

Seller ID: SKU1022435

ISBN: 0395661854

Condition: New

0395661854 Apa paperback View more info

Michigan: Visions of Our Past

By: N/A

Price: $8.98

Publisher: Michigan State Univ Pr:

Seller ID: SKU1085526

ISBN: 0870132652

Condition: New

0870132652 Michigan State University large paperback View more info

Trails of the Iron Horse: An Informal History

By: N/A

Price: $1.48

Publisher: Doubleday & Co:

Seller ID: SKU1150511

ISBN: 0385021232

Condition: Good

0385021232 Doubleday large hardcover with dustjacket and plastic cover; ex-library; no writing or tears in pages View more info

The Declaration of Independence and Other Great Documents of American History 1775-1865 (Dover Thrift Editions)

By: N/A

Price: $1.59

Publisher: Dover Publications:

Seller ID: SKU1137077

ISBN: 0486411249

Condition: New

0486411249 Dover 96 page paperback; multiple copies View more info

Twentieth-Century America: Recent Interpretations.

By: N/A

Price: $2.74

Publisher: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich:

Seller ID: SKU1164352

ISBN: 0155923919

Condition: Good

0155923919 Harcourt Brace paperback; writing inside front but not in text; small amount of underlining; paper clip marks on a few pages View more info

The Fire of Liberty

By: N/A

Price: $7.64

Publisher: St Martins Pr:

Seller ID: SKU1167709

ISBN: 0312292015

Condition: New

0312292015 St Martins hardcover with great dustjacket View more info

Echoes of Glory: Arms & Equipment [and] Atlas of the Civil War

By: N/A

Price: $56.79

Publisher: Time-Life Books:

Seller ID: SKU1168971

ISBN: 0681219343

Condition: New

0681219343 Tally Hall box set of 3 large paperbacks View more info

Album of American History: Colonial Period

By: Adams, James Truslow

Price: $104.99

Publisher: Charles Scribners Sons/Reference:

Seller ID: 22554

ISBN: 0684168456

Condition: Very Good

0684168456 Good condition. 1944 Consolidated large Hardcover; book in great shape; dustjacket very torn. View more info

Plantations of the Low Country: South Carolina, 1697-1865

By: Agnes Baldwin

Price: $36.82

Publisher: Legacy Publicaitons:

Seller ID: SKU1168154

ISBN: 0933101031

Condition: New

0933101031 Legacy large paperback View more info

In Celebration of Grand Rapids

By: Arlinsky, Ellen; Kwapil, Marg Ed

Price: $82.33

Publisher: Windsor Pubns:

Seller ID: SKU1090787

ISBN: 0897812107

Condition: New

0897812107 Windsor Publications extra large hardcover with great dustjacket; Grand Rapids on cover and spine View more info

Unexplained Michigan Mysteries: Strange but True Tales from the Michigan Unknown (Tales of the Supernatural)

By: Barfknecht, Gary

Price: $4.88

Publisher: Friede Pubns:

Seller ID: SKU1130082

ISBN: 0923756051

Condition: Fine

0923756051 Friede paperback; no writing or tears View more info

Our School: Calvin College and the Christian Reformed Church (Historical Series of the Reformed Church in America)

By: Boonstra, Harry

Price: $7.66

Publisher: Eerdmans Pub Co:

Seller ID: SKU1073560

ISBN: 0802839509

Condition: New

0802839509 Eerdmans paperback View more info

Everyone Is Entitled to My Opinion

By: Brinkley, David

Price: $2.94

Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf:

Seller ID: SKU1168525

ISBN: 0679450718

Condition: New

0679450718 Knopf hardcover with great dustjacket View more info

American Heritage Book of the Revolution

By: Bruce Lancaster; J. H. Plumb

Price: $4.94

Publisher: Dell Pub Co:

Seller ID: SKU1163334

ISBN: 0440901146

Condition: Very Good

0440901146 1967 printing of Dell paperback; name and date inside front; no other writing or tears; lightly tanned pages; s View more info

Liberty's Legacy: Our Celebration of the Northwest Ordinance and the United States Constitution

By: Byrd, Cecil K.

Price: $1.49

Publisher: Ohio Historical Society:

Seller ID: SKU1135456

ISBN: 0877580200

Condition: Fine

0877580200 Ohio Historical Society large paperback; no writing or tears View more info

What Happened When: A Chronology of Life & Events in America

By: Carruth, Gordon

Price: $39.05

Publisher: Signet:

Seller ID: SKU1080905

ISBN: 0451169026

Condition: Fine

0451169026 Signet paperback; no writing or tears; lightly tanned pages; s; gh View more info

Born Again

By: Charles W. Colson

Price: $2.00

Publisher: Bantam:

Seller ID: SKU1134348

ISBN: 0553124447

Condition: Very Good

0553124447 Bantam paperback; no writing or tears; lightly tanned pages; spine crease; s; jh View more info

Detroit Then and Now (Then & Now)

By: Cheri Y. Gay

Price: $5.97

Publisher: Thunder Bay Press:

Seller ID: SKU1151225

ISBN: 1571456899

Condition: Fine

1571456899 Thunder Bay extra large hardcover with great dustjacket; no writing or tears View more info

Watching The World (FDR and the Era of the New Deal)

By: Clapper, Raymond

Price: $7.26

Publisher: Da Capo Press:

Seller ID: 23813

ISBN: 0306707306

Condition: Good

0306707306 Good condition. Previous owner's name on inside page. 1944 Whittlesey House hardcover; dustjacket worn but all there; no marks in text. View more info